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Why kalalan?

« Benefits of buying and selling goods »

Eliminate multiple interfaces between buyer and seller

"Remove multiple interfaces between buyer and seller"

Buyer and seller support
"Buyers and Sellers Support"

امکان مقایسه قیمت ها و برندها
"Possibility of comparing prices and brands"

Wide variety of products
"Wide variety of products"

Create a vast market
"Creating a large market for activists in the field of industrial equipment, automobiles, cooling and heating equipment"



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« Categories of Callen »
Safe sales of industrial parts, automobiles, industrial electrical appliances and heating and cooling equipment

Hydraulic parts and accessories

Hydraulic means working with a fluid under pressure or motion.

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Rotary Joint

Rotary joint A piece that transmits liquids or gases by pressure
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Pneumatic parts and accessories

Pneumatic is the use of compressed air to transfer energy.

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Industrial electrical components and accessories

A switchboard is the space in which electrical equipment is installed.
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Lighting requirements

Lighting systems double the beauty of your environment.
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Package and radiator

Use the heating package to provide heating and hot water to your home or office unit.

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Auto parts and accessories

Use quality accessories and parts to extend the life of your car.
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